Italian Academy

In order for foreign citizens to integrate into Italian society, it is important that they can speak Italian. This enables them to become part of their local community and to communicate effectively – to express themselves and to understand others.

Evening Course

For expatriates living and working in Italy  and also for those coming to Italy for business and working during the daytime, we offer the Evening course. This course consists of 3/4 hours of class a week (twice a week during the evening) in a small group (with 3-6 students) and covers both general and business Italian and the use of language in common everyday situations.

Timetable: Tuesday + Thursday 5:00-6:30 p.m. Wednesday: 11:15-12:45

Totale: 80 hours /level  800 euros in 3 rates or 750 euros in one time

  • Minimum admission age: 16
  • Course starts: Every week
  • Absolute beginners start the second Tuesday of each month throughout the year
  • Minimum course duration: Available upon request
  • Levels available: A1-C1

FULL IMMERSION COURSES  Period June-September 2017

Employment, Study and Life

1st Module  June-July 24 hours (6 academic  hours weekly) 200 euros

2nd Module  July-August 24 hours (6 academic  hours weekly) 200 euros

3rd Module  August-September    24 hours/week (6 academic  hours weekly) 200 euros