Consular assistance


We offer our assistance in obtaining all kind of certificates, including search on historical records and archives.

We can provide this assistance in any city or town in Italy and in ex URSS:

Residence certificate

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Police Records

Diploma and academic certificates

(N.B. In some cases  you are supposed to give a  procuration to appoint someone to carry out an administrative or judicial procedure on your  behalf)


We can obtain on your behalf in Italy and  in countries of ex URSS

Apostille seal

Dichiarazione di Valore

Legalisation of o documents by Foreign Consulates and Embassies

For legal and official purposes, evidentiary documents and other official documentation are usually required in the language of the country where the document will be needed. In some countries, it is a requirement for translations of such documents that a translator swear an oath to attest that it is the legal equivalent of the source text. In some cases, the translation is only accepted as a legal equivalent if it is accompanied by the original or a sworn or certified copy of it.

We have Court registered translators who can translate and swear documents in Court