Bilang Centre

The «Bilang Centre» is a successful and rapidly growing language school.

The Teacher’s Team of “Bilang CENTRE ” – training section of  AIST Onlus  – supports comparison between different  cultures ,using their experience to  promote intercultural dialogue.Language learning facilitates communication between people and countries, as well as encouraging cross-border mobility and the integration of migrants.

Whatever your needs and goals are, Bilang centre can help you get there!

The “Bilang Centre” provides a wide range of courses designed to fit different student needs. The Teacher’s Team promotes the development of all four language skills listening, speaking, writing and reading - with a focus on speaking. The  mother tongue  and bilingual teachers prepare the students to reach the level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Using the multisensory structured language approach (MSL) brings great benefits to students who have difficulty learning a foreign language.

 You can find different “Foreign language courses” for kids and teens (3-18 years old)

The sooner a child starts to learn a second language the better. And the more motivated the child is to learn the new language, the more successful he will be!

Whether  you need to improve your language skills for academic, business or social reasons, you can find the right solution in the “Bilang centre”.

Bilang centre is branch of Association “A.I.S.T” (translated from Italian as the association for the renovation and development of multicultural relations), founded in 2004. The association  “A.I.S.T” is open to residents of different nationalities living temporarily or permanently in Italy. The association offers to its members assistance in exercising their civilian, political, economical, social, religious and cultural rights in accordance to Italian law and international practice. Special consideration is given to the young generation, in particular to those who are growing up in a multicultural environment or have parents of different nationalities.

AIST ONLUS is signed №VA-71 Section Social/Civil (A) of the Public register of associations (Province of Varese).

When you donate  to AIST onlus association  you can enjoy the tax benefits of your charitable contributions by deducting them.Aist onlus invests your charitable contributions into volunteer projects for young people and for State schools, purchasing useful and necessary materials to donate them to schools.

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