The COURSE of MUSICAL DANCE with Dance Coach

The course “MUSICAL DANCE” is all about expressing yourself. It will help bring out your sensuality, align your posture, boost self-confidence, improve body image, and develop a playful style. There’s something for everyone.

THE MUSICAL DANCE course includes:


• Understanding of posture and awareness of your body in space – including centre work

• Step combination and styling

• Perform a selection of choreographies with elements of strip plastic, go-go, pole dance etc.

• There will be a use of props

Groups: Junior (14-17 years old), adult (18+), senior (40+)

Duration: October-May

Groups: Junior; Young, Senior

Days: Wednesday 4-5:30 p.m.(Young);

Saturday 9,00-10,00 (Senior) 10,00 -11,00 (Young) 11,00-12,00 (Junior)

Price: 300 euros for 30 hours (discount for family)

Gender: all