Summer Theatre’s Course in English 2017

The JRC Theatre Club in collaboration with AIST Onlus   (Associazione Innovazione Sviluppo Transculturale)   in Ispra,   proposes an interesting cultural experience for kids and teens  6-17 years old   Campus2017 info  iscrizioneSummercampIT MenuClubHouse  materialsForCamp

Volantino camp 2017 IT


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Shakespear on Trial

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ELIZA BELWARD obtained European Baccalaureate at the European School, currently  she is studying towards Bachelor of Arts, Drama and Theatre at the Trinity College of Dublin. She is mother tongue English speaker and  has excellent French, Italian and some Irish. In the period 2014-2015 she was Co-general manager and Head  Choreographer of the Summer Theatre company Cabaret Hingham in USA, conducting rehearsals with up to 140 children as well as stage managing the final production. She has been a member of the National Youth Theatre since 2013 and has completed several courses with them. Eliza is an experienced ballet dancer and has studied up to intermediate level with  the Royal Academy of Dance. She is teaching dance to children and teens aged 6-16 including children with disabilities. Eliza worked in a variety of roles (both lead and ensemble) in both collegiate and professional theatre.

ROBIN FINETTO  is a Baccalaureate graduate from the European school of Varese, currently a third year student  of the Oxford Brookes University,  tri-lingual and with on-set practice and passions in the arts, namely film and music, as well as photography, theatre and fashion. He had the opportunity to assist  two companies in Malmo, Sweden (Way Creative Films, a film and TV studio, and Watts Productions, a more free-lance documentary based company), the Opera Music of Milano, a sound and video-editing studio.  He worked for a music publishing company in London, Good Soldier Songs ( photography and other promotional material for artists, running and editing short promotional videos). He also attended a three-week filmmakers workshop at Ealing Studios, covering all different aspects of production. Robin prefers to work in Team with people who share his passions”

Alberto Bernasconi  He graduated from the conservatoire “Lucio Campiani” of Mantova in classical singing. Then he completely devoted to others different musical fields . He is able to use various vocal techniques and all styles of singing: classical, Belcanto, scratchy voice, growl, scream e diplofonia. He can prepares singers of any level to be able to perform various styles: Modern, pop, rock, alternative rock , hard rock , melodic metal , not melodic Metal , Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, Musical etc.

Agnessa DYMSHA – project manager, Maria Elisabetta URIGU- secretary, Stefano MONTI – assistant

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