Russian School

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The sooner a child starts to learn a second language the better. And the more motivated the child is to learn the new language, the more successful he will be!

 The RUSSIAN SCHOOL named Anton CHECHOV offers opportunity to learn e certify Russian language for students of any age.

Pre-school section

Children between 3 and 5 years old are eligible for admission into the A class (preschool programme). The course lasts 32 weeks, 4 lessons per week of 30 minutes each: alphabet, logic, music /singing and creative workshop. The aim of these courses is to let  children learn the Russian language and culture, so that they develop language skills in the context of bilingualism. The teaching method is based on fun and creative activities so that the child can learn while having fun. The teacher’s team  follows the  programme of “Russian Performing Arts school for kids”.

Primary School

Children between 6 and 10 years old are eligible for admission into the Primary school programme. The course lasts 32 weeks, 3 or 4 lessons of 45 min each.

The teacher’s  team uses communicative approach that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of study. Subjects: Russian language (written and oral), Calligraphy, Reading, Mathematics, Music education.

Secondary  School  

Children between 11 and 15 years old are eligible for admission into the Secondary school The course lasts 32 weeks, 4-5 lessons (5° e 6° classes) or 5-6 lessons (7°,8°,9° classi) One lesson lasts  45 min.

Subjecets for  5° e 6° classes: Russian language and literature, Math and Russian history.

Subjecets for 7°-9° classes: Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Russian Language and Literature, History, Biology

Academic year

The academic year is of 32 weeks. There two exams in  January and in May..

The Academic bilingual center “Russian school of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov”  is a center of support and preparation for exams, which are organized by the State Committee of the Russian School at the Russian Embassy in Rome. The exam is done in the format required by the Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation with the release of High School Diploma, which attested to achieve complete  study cycle.

The “Russian School” is self-financing, that means, all costs related to it ( rent, educational materials and textbooks, teachers’ fees, administrative expenses and so on)  are shared  between  Association and parents.

Russian Language  for adults” Our Russian language courses are designed to develop the skills of listening, reading and communication supplemented by appropriate cultural knowledge. The course of Russian is structured on three different levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced, which include specific activities such as phonetics, morphology, verbal aspect, verbs of motion, syntax, oral and written communication, reading comprehension.

“Be Ready for  TORFL Exam” – the course is designed for those who would like to prepare themselves for the Certificate Exam. 4 lessons per week though out the year.

“Translation and Interpretation Techniques”- Master-Class: English -Russian; Italian-Russian 32 hours