Team Teachers

Agnessa DYMSHA  The Director of Studies of Bilingual academic Centre AIST onlus, The Court Interpreter –N°1417 (Varese, Italy) Translator  Russian-Italian-English; Teacher of English and Russian languages; Teacher of Music Theory, Solfeggio, Piano  CV prof. Agnessa DYMSHA

Maria Elisabetta URIGU Master’s Degree in “Modern languages  and Literature”  (the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart,Milan), Master in Tourism management. Actually she works as a teacher  ( Italian for foreigners, German, English) of the Bilang centre and  Office manager. CV Urigù

MONIKA ANNA PACZKA  - Docente di Inglese  presso Bilang centre.Traduttore-Interpete. Laurea magistrale in Lingue e Letterature indirizzo lettere inglese.Esperienza lavorativa: 15 anni come insegnante di lingua inglese come seconda lingua a personale italiana di varie Ditte nel settore alimentare, commerciale, tecnologico e turistico di Aziende site in tutta Italia, 10 anni come insegnante della lingua inglese come seconda lingua a studenti delle scuole primarie e secondarie; 3 anni come insegnante di lingua inglese nella scuola materna dell’infanzia. Attualmente lavora  presso BILANG CENTRE dell’AIST Onlus.

Stéphanie Stocks ( french mother tongue ) took her master ‘s degree in the italian and the english languages with a management asset at the Angers faculty getting the italian equivalence after one year at the Pisa University and the Informatical Assistant Manager diploma at the ENAIP of Varese together with the AFPA centre of Villeurbanne ( France ). She ‘s been teaching the french and the english languages for almost 15 years in many Institutes and Public Schools. She ‘s been singing for various years at the Angers Conservatory writing  many songs  for  the discografic house “Bianco & Nero” and was included in the New Age  famous review. She is really a very friendly and dynamic teacher… a remarkable artist that you should absolutely know “live” during her lessons

 Angelina GIRKOVA  Master’s Degree in Russian language and literature  at the State University of Tashkent (URSS). The teacher of Russian language and literature. in High school in Tashkent (URSS). In 1994 she worked as a Teacher of Russian for foreigners “Wall street” (Busto Arsizio). She is a freelance interpreter and a teacher of Russian school named Anton Chechov and  at the same time she works as an employee at company Lagatolla in Milan

Natalia DANIUKOVA Master’s degree in Art and Painting at the State University of Moscow named Vasiliy Surikov (Russia) and The Russian Academy of Arts (RAA),maste-class of M.M. Kyrilko-Rumin, specialized  in scenografy and painting for Theatre’s Stage (her works: Baley of Stravinsky “Petrushka”, Opera of Giuseppe Verdi “Rigoletto”). Since 2003 she has been working as a art/design teacher  first for the Art school directed by Ivan Ageev and then as a teacher of Academic bilingual centre of art and music, showing   Russian tradition and original technique of  russian painting for students and children.

Natalia KIRILLOVA Master’s Degree in Russian language and literature  at the State University of Murmansk (Russia). The teacher of Russian language and literature at Russian school named Anton Chechov. 

Virginia GIULIANI Master’s Degree in Philology at the Catholic University in Milan, specializing in Italian language and literature, Latin language and literature, French language and literature. She is she is qualified in teaching Italian language and literature for foreigners abroad by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The training course for testing and certification of Italian language CELI at the “University for Foreigners” of Perugia. The training course of the Methodology in Italian language teaching at the University of Venice. In the period 1969-2006 she worked as a Italian language teacher at State’s Italian secondary school. Actually she works at “Academic Bilingual Centre”.

Alberto Bernasconi He graduated from the conservatoire “Lucio Campiani” of Mantova in classical singing. Then he completely devoted to others different musical fields . He was solist of music band“ Nekrosun” and edited with them two albums : ” Crematorial Frost ” in 2009 and “The Grace of Oxymoron ” in 2012, participating in many music events in Italy and abroad. He always actively seeks new projects to work on. Actually he dedicates himself to constantly staying up-to-date on new vocal training exercises and singing ideas. He is able to use various vocal techniques and all styles of singing: classical, Belcanto, scratchy voice, growl, scream e diplofonia. He can prepares singers of any level to be able to perform various styles: Modern, pop, rock, alternative rock , hard rock , melodic metal , not melodic Metal , Rap, Hip Hop , Electronic , Musical etc. He is athour of 136 poems called “Annichilimenti”. Actually he works as a Teacher of singing for the project “Performing Arts”.