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Bilang Centre is branch of Association A.I.S.T (translated from Italian as the association for the renovation and development of multicultural relations), founded in 2004, registered at RUNTS n.54351

The association  A.I.S.T is open to residents of different nationalities living temporarily or permanently in Italy. The association offers to its members assistance in exercising their civilian, political, economical, social, religious and cultural rights in accordance to Italian law and international practice. Special consideration is given to the young generation, in particular to those who are growing up in a multicultural environment or have parents of different nationalities.

AIST APS is signed n. 54351 RUNTS – the Public register of associations.


When you donate  to A.I.S.T. onlus association  you can enjoy the tax benefits of your charitable contributions by deducting them. A.I.S.T. onlus invests your charitable contributions into volunteer projects for young people and for State schools, purchasing useful and necessary materials to donate them to schools.

Allocating  your 5/1000 to AIST ONLUS is very simple, but the contribution you give is great. In your Tax return declaration,  please indicate in the field 5/1000 the Tax code.

Tax code: 92018530128

BancoPosta IBAN: IT64 Y076 0110 8000 0006 6792 805


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