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Computer course


Computer course

Beginners: 20 hours – 210 euros

Intermediate: 20 hours – 210 euros

(activities to do with Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu (Unity) and Windows 7, hints of Android)

Have you NEVER used the computer? Would you like to discover the endless possibilities of the Internet? Would you like to answer these questions?

How is a computer made?

How does the Internet work, and how to use it without problems?

What are the types of computers, accessories, most used programs?

What should I actually buy to use my computer at my house?

Would you like to learn at the same time:

Search the Internet: news, recipes, photos, songs, films, addresses, timetables, street maps…

Buy anything from your own home, paying in complete safety…

Book a specialist medical visit…

Videotelefonare free to a friend or relative anywhere in the world…

Listen to the radio and watch TV all over the world…

Exchange messages with people you have not seen for years…

Publish your photos, writings, poems…

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