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Music school

The music school has two sessions: Piano and ROCK & POP (keyboards and vocals). During 8 years of music studies, pupils and students can be prepared for Trinity exams. Candidates perform three (or sometimes four) pieces, and technical work featuring scales and arpeggios, exercises or orchestral extracts. They also choose two supporting tests from a selection including sight-reading, aural, musical knowledge, and improvising. Our music teaching methods reflect the tradition of Russian music education. The same tradition has been attributed to the abundance of world-class musicians from Russia in the past 150 years. Combining this tradition from Russian music schools and years of teaching experience of distinguished instructors, our school offers a unique teaching style that is highly effective in building up dexterity of the hands and perceptiveness of the mind. Our classes “ensemble playing” allow pupils learning different instruments to have lessons together, enabling pupils to develop ensemble playing skills from a very early stage. The accompanying backing music is a key element of the Excellence method. Our teaches of Rock&Pop find ways to teach singing technique that is personalized to each student in ways which recognize the unique, personal nature of singing. “No two lessons are ever the same because no student is ever the same and no day is ever the same!”(James Gower)

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