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To learn foreign languages successfully


Translation and interpretation techniques


The course “Translation Techniques: from awareness to translational practice” proposes: analysis of translation strategies; texts and contexts for written and 

Certification preparation


It is the preparatory course for the TORFL certification exam (4 years of 45 min lessons). c.u.

Russian language course

Our Russian language courses aim to develop the ability to understand, read and communicate integrated with appropriate cultural knowledge. The 

Russian for scuola media

11-15 years

Teachers: Ms Dymsha Agnessa
Children aged 11 to 15 are allowed. There are 4 weekly lessons of 45 min. c.u. for 5th and 6th 

Russian elementary school

6-10 years

Teachers: Ms Dymsha Agnessa
Children from 6 to 10 years are allowed. There are 3-4 academic hours per week from 45 min. C.u. The 

Russian pre-school session

3-6 years

Teachers: Ms Dymsha Agnessa
Children aged 3-4 years (development group), children aged 5-6 years (pre-school preparation group) are allowed. Each lesson / meeting lasts