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To learn foreign languages successfully

The English Theatre Lab

Kids and Teens, Adults

Duration:            October-May  30 hours
Groups:              Juniors; Young, Adults
Where:                Lab and Performance in Ispra

ENGLISH SPEAKING THEATRE offers a fantastic mix of English lessons and performing arts workshops, developing your confidence with language and communication skills. The method “Glottodrama”allows these skills to be taught in a more complex way, which includes vocal, emotional, corporeal, cultural, and intellectual elements of communicative competence. The exercises are goal-oriented, and put language production in a meaningful and communicative context; hence, they elicit communication by creating the ‘need’ to speak and communicate on verbal and nonverbal levels. Learners are encouraged to speak spontaneously, express emotions, use body language, and better correlate speech with appropriate actions. Communication therefore looks and sounds more real than the stilted dialogs found in many textbooks. Theatrical techniques encourage students to practice, reinforce, and freely apply grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatic speech functions. The method“Glottodrama” helps students to pronounce and intonate clearly and appropriately, which facilitates successful communication in the foreign language. The method provides a “final performance” which represents the moment of recognition from the educational experience.

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