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Mr Alberto Bernasconi 

Alberto Bernasconi graduated from the conservatoire  “Lucio Campiani” of Mantova  in classical singing. Then  he completely devoted to others different musical fields . He was solist of music band“ Nekrosun” and edited with them  two albums : ” Crematorial Frost ” in 2009 and “The Grace of Oxymoron ” in 2012, participating in many music events in Italy and abroad. He always actively seeks new projects to work on.  Actually  he dedicates  himself to constantly staying up-to-date on new vocal training exercises and singing ideas.  He is able to use various  vocal techniques  and  all styles  of singing: classical, Belcanto, scratchy voice, growl, scream e diplofonia. He can prepares singers of any level to be able to perform various styles: Modern, pop, rock, alternative rock , hard rock , melodic metal , not melodic Metal , Rap, Hip Hop , Electronic , Musical etc. He is athour of 136 poems called “Annichilimenti”. Actually  he works as a Teacher of singing for the project “Performing Arts” of Ispra Music school.

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