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Painting & Drawing workshops

Kids and teens

This art workshop wants to be a space where the children / teenagers who love painting and drawing and can do it freely. The teacher will guide them leaving the space for the Immagination and Creavity

The teacher during the first “creative” phase, doesn’t interrupt the work but provide opportunities for children to have spontaneous, unstructured child-initiated art experiences. The theme of the day can be explained sometimes by helping with the support of images, books by great artists, elaborating them by new techniques.

Copying an image serves as a starting point for reinventing new forms and feelings.

The most interesting part is when children “copy” the same image  they rework it in a personal way because  the immagination of each one  is unique.

The teacher  will create the moments when the  music  is combined with colors and shapes

You children  will learn the different techniques of  painting and drawing using different materials

The painting can be held in the classroom, on the ground, outdoors etc.

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