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Fabric Painting workshop

Adults Teens

Address Ispra (Varese)

You can use all old fabric wich you don’t need it anymore  at home (tablecloths, cushions, sweaters ..) or buying new.  We will give  them new life with  your personal creativity!

You will learn the the way to use colors, brusches, the space in a harmony with you Brain and Feelings.

Topics include:

  • Types of resist
  • Paint opacity and viscosity
  • Effects of fabric moisture
  • Base fabrics: splattering, lines, brush wiping
  • Differences between resist and paste: oatmeal, flour, cornstarch and rice resist
  • Painting techniques for resisted fabrics

Give yourself a couple of hours a week to devote time for your imagination  and creativity.

Being able to paint or draw is one of life’s pleasures.

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