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To learn foreign languages successfully


Painting & Drawing workshops

Kids and teens

This art workshop wants to be a space where the children / teenagers who love painting and drawing and can 

French for kids

6-10 year

The course consists of 24 lessons of 60 minutes per week for children aged акщь 6 to 10 years, taught 

Ready For Cambridge


The English course is aimed at teenagers and young people who want to increase their skills in English. The teachers 

The English Theatre Lab

Kids and Teens, Adults

Duration:            October-May  30 hours Groups:              Juniors; Young, Adults Where:                Lab and Performance in Ispra ENGLISH SPEAKING THEATRE offers a 

I Speak English

6-10 years

Teachers: Mr Raymond Clague
The course, intended for primary school students, is 30 classes of 60 minutes per week in the period October-May. All 
IELTS preparation course

IELTS preparation course


Teachers: Mr Raymond Clague
IELTS preparation course is specifically designed to test the language skills of those who wish to study or work in 

English at work


Teachers: Mr Raymond Clague
This course consists of 60 academic hours of General English specialised Business English. This practical course is designed to both 
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